About Us

Mancora Restaurant and Bar takes you on a journey straight to the heart of the Inca Empire. Take the trip aboard plates of our fresh, authentic cuisine served up in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The comforts of a home-cooked meal meet adventurous flavors in every dish, alongside classic Peruvian cocktails.

Peruvian food has evolved over the years, thanks to its diverse population and influences from around the globe, from Spain, Italy and Germany to Japan, China and Africa. But the roots of it all lie with the Inca, whose empire once spanned far and wide across the coast of South America. Ancient civilizations built towering cities in the Andes, explored far-flung lands, and (our favorite part) cooked dishes using local staples like potatoes, beef and seafood. The days of the empire are long gone, but the flavors are alive and thriving atop delicious plates of modern Peruvian cuisine. So, if you can’t afford to hop a flight down south, a stop over on First Avenue is a good start for hungry history fans. A visit to Mancora offers a taste of the authentic favorites in our comfortable, modern setting, with everything from our colorful plates of ceviche to plump rotisserie chickens.

Drawing on traditional staples from Peru and Spain, Mancora Chef Enrique Peraldo puts a contemporary spin on the classics. For the past 12 years at Mancora, Chef Peraldo has been dedicated to cooking his personal recipes for adventurous New Yorkers. Each dish is pleasing to the eyes as it is the tastebuds, presented as tasteful culinary offerings to woo the American palate. Experience each one, from the richly flavored Pescado a lo Macho, a baked fillet of red snapper topped with seafood sautéed in a creamy sauce, to the popular Pollo a la Brasa, rotisserie chicken that arrives golden and crispy on the outside, but juicy and tender on the inside.

Our signature Ceviche Mixto ó Mariscos is the biggest crowd favorite, with a mixture of fish, mussels, clams, octopus, shrimp and squid marinated in fresh lime juice then served with cilantro, red onion, potato, yam and corn. After polishing off a few plates, an evening here feels like scaling Machu Picchu without breaking a sweat — but you’ve still earned the authentic Peruvian dessert you’ve been eyeballing on the menu. The Picarones is the ideal finish to the whole journey, expertly showing off Peru’s Spanish roots while satiating sweet tooths. We welcome you to Mancora: Peru at its best, right here in the East Village, right here on your plate.